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Watch for it! (4.9.17)

Don’t Block Emerging Technologies, Consumer Choice in Eye Care / Gary LeBeau (4.2.17)


Connecticut’s Upside-Down Property Tax System / Ellen Shemitz (3.26.17)

Public + Private = Powerful / Rie Poirier-Campbell (3.19.17)

Is Your School Fresh Check Day Cool? / Rachel Papke (3.12.17)

Fighting Fake News in the Classroom / Lorenzo Burgio (3.5. 17)


Just 3 of the JUST 100 / Larry Bingaman (2.26.17) 

Self Control is the Best Control / Marvin Weisbort and Sandra Janoff (2.19.17)

Taking Risks, Serving Customers Key to Sustaining Success / Mickey Herbert (2.5.17)


Fighting Fake News: The Myth of Information Literacy  / John Richard Schrock  (1.29.17)

Manufacturing:  Opening Minds to the New World of Innovation / Bob Sobolewski (1.22.17)

Connecticut Must Act to End Traffic-Related Deaths and Injuries / Adina Gianelli (1.15.17)

Effective State Spending Cap is Number One Business Priority / James Smith (1.8.17) 




Obscuring What Made America Prosper / Jacob Hacker (12.24.16)

Municipality Prevails as Ambulance Services Move to Town’s Jurisdiction  / David Slossberg (12.18.16)

A Reflection on Safe Driving Advocacy / Tim Hollister (12.11.16)

The Rise of the Full-time Freelancer / Melissa Harris (12.4.16)


A New Direction for Shopping Malls / Valerie Dugan (11.27.16)

Paving A Path to Post-Secondary Attainment, In Connecticut and Beyond / James Merisotis (11.20.16)

At the Next Election, Popular Vote Must Win Out / John R. Koza (11.13.16)


All Ways Able Best Describes Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing / Jeffrey S. Bravin (10.30.16)

Move Over Oprah – Giving to Women’s and Girl’s Causes is Growing / Carol Buckheit (10.22.16)

The Connecticut Job Swap – An Economy in TransitionDerek Thomas and Ray Noonan (10.15.16)

New Economic Perspectives on the I-91 Knowledge Corridor / Don Klepper-Smith (10.9.16)


Reverse Mentoring – The Answer for Connecticut’s Seasoned Workers?/ Fran Trelease (9.25.16)

History Educators Show the Way – Collaboration Expands Opportunity / Liz Shapiro (9.18.16)

Over-Regulation Would Harm Innovative Tech Industry, Hurt Consumers / Jack Carey (9.11.16)

Can the Sharing Economy of Regionalism Reduce Income Inequality? / Frank Shafroth (9.3.16)


Why and How We Should All Be Concerned About College Student Retention / Victor Neves & David Johnston (8.27.16)

Back to School – Don’t Forget Your Child’s Mental Health / Rachel Papke (8.20.16)

Philanthropy Can Respond to Anxiety, Alienation and Adversity / James A. Joseph (8.13.16)

The Challenge of Philanthropy / James A. Joseph (8.6.16)


How Brexit Could Impact Connecticut Companies / Alissa DeJonge (7.31.16)

For Families of Special Needs Children, Thoughtful Financial Planning Can Provide A Roadmap  / Valerie Dugan (7.24.16)

The Midnight Art of Pavement Markings / Jennifer Paquin  (7.17.16)

CT Independent College Among National Leaders in Student Completion / Jennifer Widness (7.10.16)

Can Trust Be Restored  / Peter Eder (7.3.16)


Why Now is the Time to Invest in CT’s Downtowns / John Simone (6.26.16)

Cycling and Pedestrian Safety:  A Progressive Movement / Sean Alexander (6.19.16)

Highway Winter Maintenance Pay Off?  Safety! / Eric Jackson and Donald Larsen (6.12.16)

Do Community College Students Go Begging? / Endia DeCordova (6.5.16)


Face Your Fears – and the Editorial Board / Paul Steinmetz (5.29.16)

Successful Succession Planning for Nonprofits / Tom Wood (5.22.16)

Driven by Discovery / France A. Cordova (5.15.16)

An Intervention in History / Equity Task Force, Wesleyan University (5.8.16)


Every Generation Has Something to Teach / Kim Sirois Pita (4.30.16)

Progress Made on Regional Cooperation / Mary Glassman (4.24.16)

Social Media Manipulation:  Worse Than Advertising? / Carrie Titolo (4.17.16)

Survey Data:  Not What It Used to Be /  Michelle Riordan-Nold (4.10.16) 

The State Budget:  What to Demographics Have to Do With It? /Alissa DeJonge (4.3.16)


Freedom’s Just Another Word For... / Rich Hollant (3.27.16)

The Economic Impact of Not Investing in Social Purpose Sector Leadership / Maggie Gunther Osborn (3.20.16)

Reaching Untapped Potential of Urban Students / Jahana Hayes (3.13.16)

Jordan Porco Foundation: Creating A Message of Hope for Young Adults / Rachel Papke (3.6.16)


Connecting the Dots – to Transit-Oriented Development / Kimberley Parsons-Whitaker (2.28.16)

Insurance Company Mergers:  Why Consumers and Patients Will Not be Better Off / Frances Padilla (2.21.16)

2016 to be a Year of Power Shifts and Workforce Facelifts / Thomas Phillips and Sandra Rodriguez  (2.14.16)

Is Mama Drama Impacting A Woman’s Ability / Heather Freeman (2.7.16)


Philanthropy:  Is It Women’s Work? / Mary Cahalane (1.31.16)

Gun Reforms vs. Gun Servants / Dick Polman (1.24.16)

Consider the Meaning of Language / Paul Steinmetz (1.17.16)

Fiduciary Duty – A Pledge Board Members Need to Uphold / Lisa Wills (1.10.16)

Here Today, Gone by January 2030 / Peter Eder (1.3.16)



In case you missed our “pilot” perspeCTive columns during the summer of 2015…

Major Accounting Changes Proposed for Nonprofits / Katrina Olson 

Developing the Next Generation of Social Change LeadersNicole Lindsay and Meghan Lowney

Time, Talent, Treasure, Testimony – The Ideal Attributes of a Volunteer Board Member / Peter Eder

The Problem of Rising Rents and Falling Incomes Seen Through the Regenerative Lens / Sally Goerner

Put Aside the Shallowness, Hollowness of Self  /  M. Jodi Rell

Inclusion … Every Senior’s Wish / Peter Eder 

When Nonprofits Stories Earn Your Attention / Mary Cahalane

First Amendment makes U.S. unique, and poses unique challenges / Paul Steinmetz 

Partnering Far to Benefit Near / John Simone

The Hills of Connecticut Are Slippery, and So is Steering / Bill Denya


CT perspective

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