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We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s true of numbers, too. These new stories take a closer look at Connecticut, by the numbers.  Because every number tells a story.

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Connecticut by the Numbers is the state’s leading numbers-driven news website, now in its sixth year of operation.   The news site, www.ctbythenumbers.news, provides articles focused on public policy issues and demographic data, including reporting on education, environment, transportation, finance, healthcare, tourism, public safety, housing, business and nonprofits.

The site also features weekend Perspective columns from contributing writers, sharing viewpoints of interest to Connecticut residents on issues facing the state.  The opinion columns, published on weekends, appear under the “perspeCTive” banner, and reflect the opinion of the author, not necessarily CT by the Numbers.

To submit an article for consideration, send by email to editor@ctbythenumbers.news


Connecticut by the Numbers is managed and compiled by Bernard Kavaler, who began his career as a broadcast and print journalist, moved on to focus in public affairs and public policy, and is currently Managing Principal of Express Strategies, a Hartford-based communications consulting firm.

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