As students at schools across Connecticut held local observances in memory of the 17 students killed one month ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the Connecticut Association of School Administrators released the results of a survey of its members on proposals to arm teachers and administrators as a means of combating the growing problem of gun violence in school settings.

When asked “Do you support providing teachers and administrators with firearms?” 84 percent of respondents said no, and 16 percent were supportive.  Asked if schools “will be safer if teachers and administrators are armed,” 85 percent said they would not; 15 percent thought they would.

“The recent proposal to combat school shootings by allowing armed teachers and administrators has little support. Millions of students attend schools throughout the nation for one purpose, to get an education,” said Anthony Ditrio, Chair of the Connecticut Association of School Administrators and a retired administrator who was a Norwalk School Principal for three decades.

“While we agree students should feel safe in every learning environment, arming school teachers and administrators is not the right course of action,” Ditrio added. “The results of our survey don’t surprise me or our organization at all.”

The Connecticut Association of School Administrators is a non‐profit membership organization aimed at advocating to protect the status and welfare of Connecticut school administrators, below the rank of assistant superintendent, in elementary, middle, and secondary schools or working in their board’s central office. The Association includes approximately a thousand members from urban, suburban and rural school districts.

More than 160 members participated in the brief survey.

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